Remote Sensed WIM(Weight In Motion)/AVC(Automatic Vehicle Classification)/VDS(Vehicle Detector System) integrated system can offer information of car types, such as speed, traffic volume, wheel track and car's weight. It detect these informations as a real time and make a specific data files to transfer to central traffic center. It can be also deal with a various types of piezo and loop configurations. The signal detected from each cars are calculated as a classification and statistic information, and it also accumulated data and transmitted periodically to the traffic control center using specified protocol as daly, weekly. It also support all types of communication methods, such as TCP/IP, CDMA, It has self diagnostic ability. The status of systems, such as door open, fan & heater and conditions of each sensors.

WNV-II System configuration


WNV-II Specification

Precision and prompt classification

Wheel track and tread are used for precision classification (3Piezo + 1 Loop)

3Precision and prompt classification can be accomplished by 32bit M/Micro-processor's fast sampling

Full color TFT LCD touch screen

VDS information can be supported concurrently

Plug &play mouse and USB keyboard

Ethernet 10/100M external connection for Maintenance & Administration

RS232C x3 (Maintenance & Administration, Traffic control center communication, Debugging)

Limitless expansion memory capacity using SD memory pack

4 lane configuration (maximum 12 lane)

12 types of cars can be classified

1 Piezo + 2 Loop, 2 Piezo + 1 Loop and 3 Piezo + 1 Loop layout can be possible

WNV-II Detail specification

# Section Description
Functions Loop and piezo signal transfer to traffic information and traffic statistic data are saved in memories.
System status informations are also saved. They are send to center using TCP/IP (TCP/IP, RS232 Serial)
CPU (Clock) S3C6410 32Bit Processor (ARM11 Core 667MHz)
SD Memory Up to 4 GB
Real Time Clock 10 msec, sec, minute, dates calculation function
Nand Flash 128 MB
Operating system Windows CE 6.0
Communication Ethernet 10/100M 2Port (upload to center, maintenance communication)
3 x Number of serial port(RS-232C 300bps ~ 128kbps)
User interface Display : 480x272(RGB) Graphic LCD(With Touch)
Main function Realtime data collection and transfer, remote control, USB client, USB host
Operating temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Power AC 220V / DC 12V
etc Maximum 12 lane installation, precision performance up to 95%
Functions System optimization, sensor utilization and sensitivity of each sensors status can be checked in TFT LCD display
CPU (Clock) 32bit Micro processor (50MHz) X 2
Number of input channel 4 channels for each sensor signal process board
Lightning protection lightning protection cover to each loop sensors with parallel connection
Sensitivity control Automatic sensitivity control / Remote sensitivity control
Frequency adjustment Oscillation frequency control dip switch and jumper switch are installed
Watch dog Watch dog timer and sensor malfunction warning signal
Operating temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Power DC 5V / DC 12V
Functions Piezo signal from each lanes transfer to digital signal at CPU B/D. These process are displayed in LED lightning of front panel
CPU (Clock) 32bit Micro processor(50MHz)
Memory 64 KB Flash, 16 KB SRAM
Measuring items Number of axles, speed, wheel base(cm) and wheel track and tread, traffic volume
Number of input channel Maximum 16 signal input chanel per Piezo B/D
Sensitivity control 4 jumper switches per each chanel
Watch dog Watch dog timer and sensor warning signal
Operating temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Power DC 5V / DC 12V
Functions Duplex DC power control for stable power supply
I/O Input power range AC 100~264 V
Input frequency 47 ~ 440 Hz (max)
etc 2 x Power supply slot (redundancy) Battery supported 72 hours operation
Functions Real time traffic information, system status and communication conditions are displayed.
Information check and system setup change
AVC Maintenance & Administration
Functions Maintenance & Administration function such as system setup information, setup change and statistical information file can be downloaded using remote connection
Operating system Up to Window XP

압전 세라믹 복합 센서

압전 세라믹 복합 센서는 주행차량의 무게를 전압으로 변환, 견고성과 강도를 유지할 수 있는 복합소재 입니다. 센서 신호 정확도 95% 이상, 균일도 5% 이내 신뢰성의 센서이며, 온도 변화에 따른 신호 출력 값이 균일하게 유지 됩니다.

압전 세라믹 복합 센서 제작과정


압전 세라믹 복합 센서 특징

주행차량의 무게를 전압으로 변환, 견고성과 강도를 유지할 수 있는 복합소재

센서 신호 정확도 95% 이상, 균일도 5% 이내 신뢰성의 센서

온도 변화에 따른 신호 출력 값, 균일도 유지

고속 및 저속, 또는 정지된 차량의 무게를 전압으로 변환, 변환된 신호를 연결된 시스템으로 전달함

석영(쿼츠)보다 저렴하며 성능 우수

HS-WIM, LS-WIM 등 다양한 시스템에 사용할 수 있음