Loop VDS

The loop VDS works using induction magnetic field to detect vehicle. Using this magnetic field effect, traffic volume, occupancy and speed are calculated. These collected traffic informations are up-loaded to traffic control center.

Configurations of LNV-II


System specification of LNV-II

Traffic information collection and up-load

VDS protocol, Various sensor layout

Wrong way drive vehicle identification

When the speed of vehicle shows negative value, it defined as wrong way driven traffic.
The situation will be report traffic center immediately

Data management function

The traffic parameters can be analysed and saved as operators time schedule. (10 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec, and 60 sec time interval)

Self diagnostic features

When an initial start-up or power recovery, self diagnostic function initiates the check of RAM, ROM and watch dog.

Power reset function

After short power failure( below 2 sec) or long power failure, all of setup parameters are remained.

Configurations of LNV-II

# Section Detail items
Functions Signals from loops are converted to traffic information and it will be save in memory
The files are transmitted to traffic center at the ceratin time using ethernet
CPU (Clock) S3C6410 32Bit Processor (ARM11 Core 667MHz)
SD Memory More than 4GB
Real Time Clock 1/100 msec, sec, minute, hour, day and month
Nand Flash 128 MB
Operating system Windows CE 6.0
Communication Ethernet 10/100M 2Port(Traffic center communication and maintenance)
Serial Port : 3 Ports , Serial connection : RS 232C((Speed : 300bps ~ 128kbps)
User interface Display : 480x272(RGB) Graphic LCD(With Touch)
Main functions Real time data collection and communications, remote sensing & administration, USB client, USB host
Operational temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Power AC 220V / DC 12V
etc. Maximum 10 lanes capability (Lane, traffic volume, speed and occupancy detection), Precision up to 95%
Functions The loop sensors from each lanes are picked up signals and proceeded via CPU module
Sensibility and bandwidth of each sensors can be set up. The front panel LED can be displayed
CPU (Clock) 32bit Micro processor (128MHz) X 2
Number of input chanel 4 chanel for each sensor module
Safety device Lighting protection device is connected with loop sensor as parallel
Sensitivity adjustment Automatic sensitivity adjustment / Remote sensitivity adjustment
Frequency adjustment Dip and jumper switch for oscillation frequency adjustment
Surveillance function Watch Dog Timer, Sensor abnormal signal
Operational temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Power DC 5V / DC 12V
Functions Loop B/D transfer signal to CPU B/D. Each chanel ́s conditions are displayed at front panel LED
CPU (Clock) 32bit Micro processor(50MHz)
Number of input chanel 16 chanel for each sensor module
etc Lighting protection, LED status information display
Surveillance function Watch Dog Timer, Sensor abnormal signal
Operational temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
Power DC 5V / DC 12V
Functions Duplex DC power
I/O Input Power AC 100 ~ 264V
Input frequency 47 ~ 440Hz max
etc 2 x Parallel Power supply slot (Solution for power B/D trouble)
72 hours can be supported by battery (12V)
Functions Realtime vehicle information, Display for system status and sensor condition information
Maintenance & administration using touch screen
VDS Maintenance
Functions Set up information up date using remote connection, Statistic information data file download
Operating system More than Windows XP